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You may be forced to leave your comfort zone today and meet friends or business partners on their own turf. If so, be gracious. Take it as an opportunity to see how the rest of the world lives. This is important information to have, especially if you're going to be working closely with someone new or learning about them as a friend.

Your daily horoscope: March 21

Your creative side is highlighted today. You feel infused with vividly imaginative energy. Tap into this by doing some arts and crafts or taking a trip to a museum. Or, simply look through books of paintings or photographs for inspiration.

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Sometimes you simply need to remind yourself that the world is full of aesthetic appeal. Other times, you want to gain inspiration from other artists' works, so you can create your own! Tap into your negotiating skills today. Be kind and gentle with friends, family members and business associates alike.

It's important to let others know you're sincere about getting along. If you're trying to work on a project or negotiate an agreement with someone, it's best to be as cooperative as you can. Give the other side some of what they want, so that you'll get more of what you want.

Close relationships are on your mind today. Your connection with your spouse or a business associate may need attention. It's a good day to get back on track if things have become imbalanced between you. After all, even minor inequalities can build up over time. If one of you consistently takes on more responsibility than the other, a sense of resentment could build.

Avoid that by making sure you're both pulling your weight.

It's important to create harmony in your close relationships today. Do your best to get along, and avoid insisting on having things your way.

Being stubborn would be a mistake, since it would send the other person a clear message that you aren't willing to compromise. And that likely isn't the case. You don't mind giving a little in order to get a little in return. That's what the art of negotiation is all about.

Your horoscope for 15-21 March

Welcome to a good-humoured, affectionate day. You may have a lot of social activities on your calendar for today, or perhaps they'll crop up spontaneously -- which is even more fun. You feed off this energy.

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Running into a friend at the gym or chatting with a coworker in the hallway feels like a mini-party! It's a great time for networking, so make connections and grab opportunities as they arise. It's a good day to relax and enjoy the company of your friends. There's an affectionate, romantic feeling in the air. Holing up at work would be a waste of this lovely energy! The same goes for hard feelings. Life is too short to hold grudges or distance yourself from loved ones. While day dreaming, start planning your dream home.

After all, that's where the first plan takes shape. Taurus: In all probability, you will discuss certain sacred issues with your beloved today, predicts Ganesha. In the evening, you will be possibly visiting holy places. You had better make up for the lost time to finish pending work in the afternoon. Think twice before you act, warns Ganesha. You may end up earning a large amount of money, mostly through some private venture. The day will be a greatly profitable one for cashiers, money lenders and those in retail business.

March 21 Birthday Horoscope

Keep working hard to achieve success. Cancer: Today, you will shift your entire focus on the problems plaguing your personal life, feels Ganesha. Your ability to nip a problem in the bud has helped you to have a good personal life so far. And today, you will have to use your skills to mend the strain in your relationship with your loved ones. You may realise that complete renouncement of your habit of staying in control is the only way out of this personal mess.

Those who are serious about their work will be easily able to tide over the day. You need to be cautious today. Not only at work, but even in personal relationships, you need to be on guard. You need to maintain a balance between home and at work, says Ganesha. Projects that have been put-off will finally be completed.

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Looking into the week ahead, you are most likely to give yourself an energy zap. Parties will be all fun and entertainment.

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Your kids will bring home joy and pride and this will brighten the mood even more, says Ganesha. It is nothing to do with miserliness at all. When buying things you will be careful while spending money and will stick to your budget. On the other hand when you are out with your loved ones you will not think about holding back and will spend lavishly. Ganesha says to take the balanced approach in everything in life and things will go well for you. Your colleagues recognise you as the emerging alpha-lion.

Ideas and opinions will impress your bosses. But keep a level head and learn where to stop, even when winning, counsels Ganesha. You will also spend some superb time with your dearie and discuss intimate matters. A relaxing day today as you spend time with your friends and family, chilling out and having a good laugh or two.