Draconic astrology aspects

Sextiles you need to look at similar energies and try to influence that into your current life.

Your draconic chart is a way to influence how you overcome challenges and a tool for you to become a better you. You can almost compare it to the relationship between Ascendant and descendant in the way of what you feel comfortable with ascendant vs what you need to learn to incorporate into your life to reach your full potential descendant.

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It can be overwhelming. I really hope this helped!! They crave constant and immediate gratification and satisfaction and for that reason are known to climax quickly or overwhelm themselves with pleasure before the act has even started. There not in to prolonged forplay and can get easily bored with overly wordy interlude to sex despite their easy attraction to the air signs.

This personality often may never rear its head unless one truly grows to unify with this energy-but sex here always has an elements of emotional whirlwinds and vagrant friction.. Originally posted by intensekisses. Originally posted by kevinskeller. Originally posted by missnothingquotes. The Nodes play a very important role in this method. It is the satin underneath, distinct and of its own, usually different, nature. Many are suckers for rubs and well placed fingers and kisses.

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Sex here is slow placed in focused on hitting all the spots. Here sex takes on a very aphrodisiac like form and one the will arouse the walls surrounding the room. They strive to fulfill there lovers needs in the most comforting and erotic way imaginable-their lover becomes not only their desires cause but their lover becomes their vixen. They become both slow burning but erringly focused and demanding sexually, they want sex to be open and pleasurable but in a way that intertwines both the body and its senses.

Sex takes on a necessary consistency here and may need to occur often for men and women here. There could be a routine as with all earth signs and specific comfortable sexual positions unless the house or other aspects and signs say otherwise. Slow steady as they may be their inner sexual nature is the embodiment of the earth itself and they often give off a naturally zesty and horny energy similarly to Capricorn but less nervous then Virgo. It seems well spread and equally expressed in a smooth and magnetic way. Originally posted by perfectfeelings.

Originally posted by pink-nymph. Originally posted by evak-malec. The draconic chart represents your soul, or your higher self, or the part of you that is aligned with your destiny and the inner authentic you. Your birth chart is the the person who is out there in the world, doing all the stuff, but basically the draconic chart is more like who you might be if you never had to deal with the world and real life.

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The draconic chart is derived from the moon nodes. It seems like from what I have read, that reconciling the draconic with the natal chart is a form of actualization. Like this would be what many might consider the purpose of this life. To learn the lessons associated with who we really are in the context of how we were born in this world. So yeah, it seems like it could be a powerful tool. On another level, I have read that when we turn our backs on our higher self, the draconic chart becomes our shadow. We repress and basically get very sore and defensive about these qualities in others which are basically at their root rejected or ignored parts of ourselves.

So while many find their draconic chart very relatable, it is the unrelatable parts which can also have value as we examine how those qualities are actually a part of ourselves in the hopes of integrating qualities that way may have pushed out of our conscious experience for whatever reason. But in my draconic chart I have have a stellium in Aries including Mars. So that might be a place where I should look deeper and see whether that fire has been pushed out of my conscious personality, or if I am just manifesting it in a way that I never recognized before.

Either way, growth! That is what I have figured out so far, although it is complicated. I am honestly not sure how I have got so into astrology because it is really hard for me to come up with a coherant idea of what is going on in a chart, because there are so many pieces to integrate, maybe its that im kindof new, or maybe I just have more of a details brain and less of a big picture one. So anyway… I will update again if I figure out more. Kind of a meta interpretation lol. Your natal chart would be the chart that you were given to walk upon this earth with.

Especially the signs on the sun and the moon. Look at the sign, planets and their aspects, and rulers of these houses more so 10th.

With persona charts look at the midheaven persona chart or the charts of the planets that fall in the natal 10th house. Look at draconic 10th house for your true purpose not necessarily a career but could be. Also look into north node, persona or natal chart.

In any chart, look at the chart as a whole. These could be either for yourself or someone you know. These take about 8 hours for me to complete and once finished, I will email it to you in pdf format.

The Draconic Zodiac

It is a chart that helps you understand your soul, your higher self, your higher purpose. While the natal chart reveals how we deal with society generally, with life, the draconic chart is the depth of it, much like the Sun-Moon difference. It helps you understand different kind of philosophies your higher self carries, so looking at both your natal and draconic chart you can understand the workings of your high and low mind.


It is very spiritual, connected to your mission here. Draconic chart is the id basic needs , natal chart the superego what you think is best for you , and the ego itself a reflection of your personality as a whole. If your Draconic Moon was in Gemini, you could feel the urge to meet with people and go out a lot but if your Natal Moon was in Capricorn, you would realise that first come responsibilities which are more important to you.

In my opinion, the draconic chart is more about who we would like to be as a person but the natal chart is the mature side of us, the one that knows things better and is basically our inner adult. Honestly, my childhood was so dark. In my mind it was all so deep. So yeah, I think it has to do with the soul and the side of you that is rooted deep into who you are.

Your natal is you, of course, and what you show to the world but your draconic chart can indicate how you feel deep in you. Not really emotion wise but who you are, your soul. Originally posted by creeepyredhead. Originally posted by earthhealingwitch. Originally posted by digitallyaesthetic. Originally posted by pir-ado. Originally posted by lonelysharkprince. Originally posted by gettingawaywith. I tag: Anyone that sees this on their dashboard that wants to do this. I was tagged by: lifeasaninfp Thank you for tagging me.

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Draconic Astrology Patrizia Trotta

Originally posted by reblogs Originally posted by fuckyeahdragrace. Some people identify completely with their Natal Chart, others with their Draconic, and others with their progressed chart. Everything, lol. Everyone is unique, and your whole life molds you a certain way, which may or may not be similar to those three charts! But since it is basically a chart of our soul, higher self, connected to our current mission.

To me, the natal chart is who we are initially, and our draconic tells us who we truly are behind the mask. Natal sun and draconic sun can give us our overall disposition, ego, and self. Natal moon and draconic moon can give us an insight on our emotional needs, wants, and desires. Nothing more and definitely not for less.

Natal Mercury and draconic Mercury can gives us insight to our communication and getting the point across.

The Shadow Chart in Astrology - How to Individuate Using Jungian Psychology & The Birth Chart

This means my communication skills are secretive and intense as well as provocative and innovative. Natal Venus and draconic Venus can give us an idea on what we love, hate, and hold true to ourselves. I truly love being a service to people. Natal Mars and draconic Mars can give us an insight on our passions, anger, deepest darkest desires, and how we handle confrontation overall.

Balls of titanium! Titanium fisted innovation!

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  • The results are more important than the practice. This over obsession of why you were wrong dictates future outcomes if we ever meet again. Natal Jupiter and draconic Jupiter can give us insight on what makes us happy, sad, expansive, and overall joyful. I hate seeing my friends sad and others sad. I have a big heart and I love the strange and unusual. I love different and change but I understand that not everything different or changed is good. Keeping things sacred is important.