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The symposium, which includes UTSA students, will be led by community members who embody the term. A city the size of San Antonio with all its cultural layers is so much more than one term could describe, but yet, Puro exemplifies something that belongs to all of us; an expression; attitude; a cultural sensibility; betterment; collective accomplishments; something precious the city is dearly holding on to. For some, it is reflected in rituals, art, tastes, values, aesthetics, and a certain sense of authenticity. For others, it is an underlying vibe or lifestyle that exemplifies the social fabric of San Antonio.

Of all things, however, it is an active expression of a city that filters through all parts of public life. Architecture, as such, and the way its physical manifestations are contributing to how people use, create, and live in space, one could argue, has not embraced what characterizes Puro. The aesthetics of Puro are mentioned in relation to artistic movements such as expressionism, minimalism, and surrealism. Though Puro defies categorization and is ubiquitous to San Antonio, this one-day symposium aims to recover what makes and shapes it and how this might translate into architecture.

Through the lens of art, music, graffiti, performance, religion, cultural history, film, social media, TV, philosophy, and literature we hope to explore values, attitudes, and cultural sensibilities and how they inform the relationship between the social and the physical shaping of our city. We hope to initiate dialogue and discuss possible ways to integrate the social and cultural fabric into new ways to co-design, co-produce, co-own, and co-manage the spaces we live in.

This, of course, raises the question of the role of the architect and planner in the process of developing these alternative models of urban habitation. As a result we hope this symposium can identify alternative models, ideas, and actionable objectives that build on local know-how, craftsmanship, cultural sensibilities, attitudes, and interests and thus have more direct relationships and a more Puro way of critically mediating between ethical positions and aesthetic formulations.

We are featuring many local San Antonio artists at this event who will be selling their work and working together on a mural!


Buy a raffle ticket to enter for a chance to WIN this community mural!!!!! Held at the historic Blue Star complex dating back to , you will enjoy the atmosphere and interacting with all the different practitioners. You can get answers to your most important questions from an intuitive or astrologer, appreciate the fine work of nature through crystals and mineral lamps, and relieve your aches and pains with a holistic healer. Have a great afternoon learning about yourself and the ways to get in touch with what is really important for you. Spend time and find the modality that resonates with your highest good.

This could be life changing, come out and take a look! Intuitive and clairvoyant readings, Reiki, massage and reflexology, crystals, artisan products and much more!

Like their name suggests, Animal Spirit is a guide into the future of the always-growing indie alternative rock scene. We opened in and are still around trying to preach the gospel that good food is about taking risks. The concept of Bombay Salsa Co started with a late night munchie mix combining tandoori chicken and pico de gallo.

Now, a few years later we have converted several connoisseurs; some forcefully, but mostly by offering our captivating cuisine. Some guests have even invited us to feed their friends, which we do with pleasure serving out of trademark orange truck. Sometimes they ask us to drop it off and leave, but we watch them through the windows and see them gobble it up. We have even married a couple of customers off—taking our homemade goodies and polishing them up for the big stage.

We look forward every week to seeing everybody, because this is our social life. We put in late hours after work or early in the morning, we cut and chop and boil and bake, stir and even shake a bit, just for you our guests. If you throw a party, give us a call. Food has always been a passion in our family. We love food. We delight in preparing it, presenting it, partaking in it, and most importantly watching our friends enjoy it.

We love it here in San Antonio our home away from home.

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So come by, visit us, and enjoy. A featured event to kick off Contemporary Art Month One night only, completely FREE. Great night for arts market, music and eating and drinking…. Join us Thursday for a soft opening and First Friday for to meet the artist. The show will be up until March 26, Hours are 4 p. John Mattson, The Nebulous Hum, acrylic and mixed media on paper. March 4 — April 21, Artist statement: This work, as all my work, is the result of all that has preceded it. My vision is only that which I feel — a nebulous hum that would have no real meaning if I did not attempt to make it visual.

I strive to do this with iconography that has slowly evolved as I mature.

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I see most of my work as one frame, one snapshot, in a life of personal observation and inner search. It is a lifelong process of finding my own voice. John Mattson Wednesday, March 8. Limited seating available. Teri Wright.

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Full dinner menu www. Welcome to Scary stories to tell in the art! The location of this event will be Brick art gallery. March 10th Full bar provided! Free admission. Keep checking back as the event page will be updated accordingly. Thank you for your support! Cosplay something spooky or even your favorite character, story from the books! A raffle for specific items will also be held for artwork, shirt, prints, and even a signed book by Gammell himself donated by a fan. This exhibition is also to be included in an upcoming scary stories documentary! Check out the link for details on the documentary.

PSW opens our door to welcome you to our Olmos Park community by supporting the arts in high style!

Deviation — an action, behavior, or condition that is different from what is usual or expected. We proudly present the second installment of Deviation; featuring new and returning artists, for a night of creative wonderment. These large-scale graphite drawings are a departure from the intimate, primarily black-and-white drawings Sotelo is best known for. In this body of work, Sotelo continues to explore the meditative quality of repetitive symbolic imagery, but on a larger scale and in a more subtle tonal palette.

Based on his experience of dreaming and insomnia, these autobiographical dreamscapes combine imagery from Aztec mythology and memories of the first stages of existence of a Mexican American family. He started his studies in design and photography in A year later he was moved to start painting.

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Sotelo considers himself a self-taught artist, but his paintings carry a lot of influence from his studies in design — using patterns and symmetry to express his relationship with the seen and unseen world and his experiences. In more recent years his work has moved from colorful paintings to black and white illustrations, prints, and drawings.

Sculptor Ken Little will be exhibiting works from , as well as, other recent work. Little will also be performing original music at the opening. After the Opening night Dock Space Gallery will be open by appointment.