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The Rat has many ideas with a keen vision and can solve problems quickly. It is connected to knowledge, memory, and learning. The Rat has a strong memory in learning and remembers the previous life experiences. The Rat is brilliant, brainy with a sense of creativity. The Rat has a dark-side personality. The other traits of Rat are gloomy, quiet, intolerant, selfish, introverted, conspiring, scheming and gossipy.

The Rat might have some negative minds when encountering the troubles. When things go wrong, then Rat will blame on others. Therefore, Rat people should have more outdoor activities under the sunshine. The Rat is active at night. Rats look for food and drink when it's dark.

Zodiac Rat is one of the romantic stars in Chinese horoscopes. The alcoholic Rat is easy to get trouble in love affair. The Rat is good at earning money. Rat works for money and knows how to accumulate wealth. It desires a better material life and likes to hang out at magnificent places. When encountering the frustration, Rat has the tendency to leave the place, even relocate to a different town.

The Rat has a love relationship with Cow in Chinese Horoscopes. The Cow gives Rat confidence and a sense of security. Rat, Monkey, and Dragon have a strong Water relationship.

Year of the Rat: Fortune and Personality – Chinese Zodiac

Monkey can be passionately in love with Rat. The Dragon can become be a good companion for Rat. The Dragon can enrich and empower the Rat. Horse and Rat have a fighting relationship in Chinese Horoscopes. The Horse will have constant conflicts with the Rat. The next incompatible Zodiac symbols are Sheep, Rabbit, and Chicken. Rat and Sheep won't be pleasure in relationships related to in-laws. Rat gives too much love and unnecessary attention to Rabbit.

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Rabbit is tender grass and hard to survive under the cold water of Rat. Rat needs to please the pretty Chicken very hard. That's depending on the Rat's personality. If zodiac Rat with strong personality likes to pursue an ideal career, then the career choices are civil engineering, real estate, construction, mining, land survey, land affairs, land development farming, raising livestock, real estate construction or sales, building material, interior design, exterior design, landscaping, nursery, gardening, porcelain, glass making, demolition, warehousing, track racing sports, rock climbing, funeral services, recycle, etc.

If zodiac Rat with strong personality likes to pursue wealth, then the career choices are thermal power, solar energy, electric engineering, nuclear power, military industry, firework, gas company, battery, stove, restaurant, hot pot dinner, bakery, cooking, spice food, beauty salon, hot yoga, electronic, computer, laser, fuel, cigarette, welding, etc. If zodiac Rat has a weak personality, then mechanic engineering, electric engineering, computer hardware, machinery, manufacture, transportation equipment automobile, ship, bike, etc.

Another approach to look for the ideal career is using the Lucky Element in the Chinese astrology Birth Chart. A better career is the job characteristics connect to the characteristics of the Lucky Element. Lucky Element can complement your strengths and weakness during career development.

Lucky Element brings good career opportunities to you and helps you to accept and conquer the challenges. A promising and remarkable career will come after. Male is connected to weapon, sword, minerals, strong wind, storm, hurricane, speed and execution. Rat is in the Water group.

Personality and characteristics

Rat contains Yin Water. Metal Golden Rat is armored Rat. Yin Water is rain. The Metal of Rat is the strong wind. Metal Rat is the sign of a heavy rainstorm. After that, the cat was so angry that he hunted and ate the rat.

Chinese Zodiac Sign Calculator

After the 12 animals were decided on, people replaced the 12 earthly branches with the 12 animals to record the years. Thus, there is a cycle of twelve years, each with a different animal.

For example, the year is Bingxu of the lunar calendar, is also called the year of the dog; the year is Dinghai of the lunar calendar, also named the year of the pig. As time passed, the Chinese Zodiac became an important part of the traditional Chinese culture. In addition, the Chinese Zodiac is connected to a 'totem' symbol or logo of a clan in ancient China. For instance, the dragon is the totem of the Chinese nation; the ox is the totem of the Naxi nationality; and the goat is the totem of the Kazak and Kirgiz nationalities. Moreover, the Chinese Zodiac is also part of people's religious belief in China.

Chinese people divided the 12 animals into two categories of Yin and Yang the underlying principles of Chinese philosophy and medicine , corresponding to the Five Elements Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth , and then created a set of fortunetelling methods which proclaim that the twelve Chinese horoscope animals decide people's fates. As a result, the Chinese Zodiac began to connect with people's characters, friendship, love, marriage, career, health, fortune and so on. People thought that when a person came to the year of his attribute decided by the year when he was born , he must wear a red belt to pursue good fortune and shun calamity.

Even children had to wear a red vest and underpants in their birth year.

Ox Compatibility

This custom of 'Birth Year' is still popular throughout China. Chinese Zodiac. Year of the Rat. Year of the Ox. Year of the Tiger. Year of the Rabbit. Here are the attributes of years — Featured On:.