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As deep as people seem to think it is, it really is simple as that. But when it comes down to it, Imaginos is what BOC had been trying to definitively state for years and years, given that you count Pearlman as part of the band, which I do. Listen to Imaginos. Althought the songs are out of order on the album, it will start to make more sense.

The story they give you in the liner notes states that Imaginos is a "random access myth. Listened to from start to finish, the time line of the album is out of whack. I have three. I found somewhere that gives you the correct order of the song. General Comment Moondrops are a reference to an ancient belief that dew came from the moon at night.

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This song is not nonsense, it is a story, one that uses charecter names and themes that run throughout BOC's music. I believe there are very songs or poems that are purposefully meaningless. However, poetry is only meaningful to the reader if interpreted by the poet. Otherwise it can be truthfully called nonsense. I know because I have written poems that mean something to me but might seem strange or insane to the unenlightened reader.

Is there a book or something that explains BOC's "psychic journeys? References are made to celestial objects throughout the song-- "The light that never warms" being the moon, "The Queenly flux" the constellation Cassiopeia, "My dog, fixed and consequent" being Sirius, the dog star. All in all, it has Imaginos explaining his position as part of Les Invisibles.

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It might take a couple listens, but the new live version is by far the best. But all this flat out "you're a clueless! General Comment I've been thinking of other meanings for the song that tells a story which I think generally refers to a philisophical thinking young man who's grown up in the rural northeastern USA. I can't figure out what "silver scrapes in May" means. But, if you think of October, the colors of some of the wilting leaves could refer to the scratching at your fascination, the beauty of the green foliage in the north eastern part of America.

I think the song refers to a couple of women the guy knew from a small town, and especially the bar. He was probably attracted to one of them, who got with someone else. Or, it could be your own fears about your own thoughts and where they really come from. We know it's there, but our eyes are usually closed. Which is why it "never warms".

Then these women are sitting together, but alone what happened to that husband of yours, Susie?

Astronomy (song)

As the man views the women, after he's had a few drinks, he comes to a realization. Since the light, and now it's eternal. And we are always interested in danger, ie. It's fixed to us over the generations, and thereby, sensible, intelligent. And finally, "Astronomy". Since he says he's from the beginning of the light. It appears to be his conclusion, that after one, or many nights in the bar with his friends, in some small town in the northeast, and after so much inward thinking and wonder about the forces that create our reality, he's from the stars.

We're from the stars Hell, we don't know diddly-squat! Now take it people, this is only my interpretation of the song. But it's one on my favorite songs ever.. Every year, Earth crosses the orbital path of Halley's Comet. Earth plows most deeply into this stream of comet debris around May 5 or 6. Flag cheryl on May 30, Metallica made an awesome cover I thought , but both versions kick ass. But seriously, people are gonna have different opinions on the song and who's better but there's no better version. And third, if anyone doesn't even know what the song is about, read that quote by Sandy Pearlman.

Imaginos was his creation, and he co-wrote all those songs. The lyrics are taken from his poetry and his stories. A lot of the lyrics represent constellations, like "The Queenly Flux". The aliens are the Les Invisibles, and Imaginos is given the choice to join the cult, and then actually finds out he is one of the aliens.

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Salone dei Mesi; and Fendulus C detail. The second Indian decan of Taurus. Ivory cover of the Dagulf Psalter 8th century. Paris, Musee du Louvre, MS The Canterbury PsaIter before Trinity College, MS R. The Beatus intitial with King David playing a harp. Psalter second half of 13th century. New York, Morgan, G.

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