Astrology leo and leo

Leo's self-image depends on being the best and having the grandest and glorious of everything life has to offer, and that extends to the one they love. Who better than another charismatic Leo to make a Leo's romantic life the envy of everyone? When two Leos fall in love , you have double the romantic passion, excitement, and fun, but also double the stubbornness, ego, pride, and vanity.

Leos are regal and magnetic individuals and when two Leos meet, there is a familiarity and an irresistible infatuation.

Leo Man Leo Woman Compatibility

Each is drawn to the other not only by their physical attraction to one another but also because they display the same positive character traits. Leos are charismatic, optimistic, fun, friendly, playful, spontaneous, and affectionate individuals who are attractive to the opposite sex, and love on a grand scale. Though two Leos can have the grandest romance that's the envy of other couples, there will be disagreements. And when they fight which they will , just like their romance, it will be done on a grand scale.

Interestingly, it's the same positive traits that attract two Leos to one another that are likely to morph into something less desirable.

This, of course, can spell double trouble for this couple and lead to ugly standoffs. If Leo lovers are psychologically and emotionally mature, these problems might only be minor quirks that can be modified or accepted.

Cancer & Leo: Love Compatibility

Nothing is too much or too good for these two zodiacs. Almost immediately, Leo will put a date on the spot with questions that are actually a screening test. Don't act or be a show off, Leo just wants to know his potential love relationship right away.

Sun enters Scorpio

Attracting Leo is fairly easy. All it takes is admiration and adoration. Give them plenty of compliments and make them laugh. It may be hard to attract the attention of this magnetic zodiac.

Leo Dates of Birth

Whoever caters to either Leo the most will win the love match. Social activities and lots of admirers keep the Leo lover in the spotlight.

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However, when Leo finds the right lover, a permanent relationship is in the cards. Leo's are affectionate but obnoxious. They are passionate in the bedroom, and display a strong sexual drive.

This lover will be demanding and take charge of the sexual endeavors. They are adventurous and love sex games. This lover's erogenous zone is the sensitive areas of the back. In the bedroom, they like to heighten all the senses.

Love Compatibility Between Leo and Leo

When two Leo lovers get to the first step in a relationship both will have to forego some arrogance and share the spotlight. There are characteristics that lend themselves to a long-term love match.

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  • They are loyal, loving and passionate about everything in their lives. Continual flattery is a must.